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Hola hola holaa

Long time no update for this blog ah

Well i kind of busy nowadays, busy with the jobs, the office, and the business going well for selling Kate Spade Iphone Case,

You can peek the link here :


But, right now i wont talk about those things

You know that tomorrow is June 16, means what ?

Yess, it means that I Finally survived in my First year at the Orange Family!

Even sumtimes i felt so depress and wanna quit my job, but Thank God, I’m still here

There are some rumors blew from the competitor that my company will lay off 20,000 of their employee, but we still dont heard anything about that in ID.

If  its happened, I will try find a new jobs with different industries ah ( can I ? ) , should i join the Lazada/Zalora Company like my previous friends hijack from Yellow and Orange?

Lets us wait and see





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